It’s been so long..
That even my silence begs for some space..



3 A.M. Love Note

You make every single of my night very beautiful.
I was asleep.. and then I was dreaming about you.. of our first evening.. Of how even with my eyes closed on the busy road.. I knew I was in good hands
And how I was with somebody who made me laugh.. incessantly…
Of how that night streched to lengths unknown when we walked and walked.. with nothing but music to our company..
And then.. how I snuggled into the warmth of.. care once we got back..
I felt safe.. And hopeful
And.. even though at the time, I said I was not sure.. I knew I would never regret being with someone as amazing as you are..
And no wonder I have fallen head over heels for you.. madly in love
And yes.. we say that honeymoon period is over.. but Honey! Who says we have to stay away from the moon 😉
Okay.. sorry that was a bad one.. but it’s been so long since I cracked bad jokes.. damn! I should really get back in the game.. as in the pj game..
But.. damn I move around a lot.. looks like I am getting your ADHD
And now that I have written this big ass message.. I realise that maybe I should have written it down in the mail to you.. it could have been like those mails we write to each other.. oh trust me.. that sudden pop up! It just makes my day
And here I go waltzing again to some off topic
And I am dreamy!
So aye aye.. going back..



21314696_1430885213693130_7684119535256182236_nThis mask..

Borrowed? Or owned?

If borrowed, where is the owned?
If owned, why mask?

Borrowed? how different from the owned?
Owned? hid the borrowed where?

Borrowed? from whom.. And why?
Owned? lended to whom.. And why? 

Borrowed? how long will you keep it?
Owned? how long can you keep it? 

Borrowed? Isn’t your skin enough?
Owned? Is your skin enough? 

Borrowed? How deeply?
Owned? How shallow? 

Borrowed? How long til’ you start owning?
Owned? How long til’ you start borrowing?

Borrowed | Owned



She waited.. and waited..  and waited..

The altar will tell you that..

And so will the eyes.. but to the one.. who never came by.

And she hopefully so stuck to the innocence..  or ignorance rather..

of the truth she chose to see not..

Or maybe it was the truth that chose to hide in the heat of all that love that remained..

And still remains..


untaken by..