I am one of those who actively tries to hide away from the face of happiness. For God know what reason. Most things that satiate all around me, it’s difficult for me to connect with them. It is often construed as my arrogance, or introversion.. but I wish I could define it, label it rather, as easily as people around me do.

You see, labelling is not a bad thing, it just masks the depth and complexity of the subject in question, because every person has his/her perception of what a label means.

While I struggle to find answers for who I am or what makes me happy, sometimes, serendipity takes a little pity on me and throws me into small moments of extreme joy – someone’s hug, a random stranger’s smile, the feel of a raindrop and so many more.

This is a small collection of such moments of joy which I found when I wasn’t looking.

Maybe that’s the key.. to stop looking..