Through years of practicing Indian classical dance, I learnt the concept of Abhinaya: the act of story-telling that involves acute understanding of human emotions through empathy. It took me years to understand Design through Empathy. Why Empathy? Technological penetration is ever so high and cheap. Developing a product is no longer limited to a specific sect of people, rather it has to cater to global audience. I believe, to ensure inclusive design, we need deep understanding of human emotions which can only be achieved through empathy.

When the sun goes up, I take laptop in one hand and coffee in other and start building things. As an Engineer in Microsoft, I’m currently working on the product Emoi, which solicits feedback from human emotions and reactions. This non-intrusive method can change the way we obtain feedback. I have worked on hybrid cloud system and connected cars, made flying drones easier and help enterprise tap into the ubiquity of IoT devices to enable large scale automation.

When the sun goes down, I indulge in art amorphously, shapeless blob exploring the breadth and depth of my creative existence. I practice, Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form. I have performed for large audience, TV channels and theater tours. I project the complex intricacies of human emotions and ideas through my sketches. And when the paint dries out, I turn to ink. I prefer prose and poetry to longer forms of writing. I write for me, to satiate my creative hunger, though people have told its helps them too.